Amanda Holden tells critics to ‘bog off’ after buying thigh-high boots at 50


manda Holden has revealed she bought herself a pair of thigh-high boots for her 50th birthday as she warned critics to “bog off”.

The TV star, 51, hit back at people who tell her to tone down her dress style and she said she plans to continue wearing mini skirts well into her later years.

She told The Sun: “When I hit 50 I invested in a pair of thigh-high boots and I thought, ‘this is how I’m going to live the second half of my life.

“On my birthday I also did a photoshoot where I was half naked on top of a birthday cake. I was never going to suddenly get out the twinset and pearls, unless I wore the twinset and pearls with a miniskirt and those thigh boots.”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge said she feels “very sad” for people who think she should dress more modestly and she told them to “bog off”.

Holden has daughters Lexi, 16, and Hollie, ten, with her record producer husband Chris Hughes.

Admittedly she said her eldest daughter borrows clothes from her wardrobe because they are the same size.

She also spoke out against “woke” culture and warned people are “too frightened to voice their opinions” for fear of getting cancelled.

The mum-of-two said she wants her girls to “grow up tough” and “have the confidence to snap back and have a strong opinion on something”.

It comes as the star vowed she has no plans on toning down her racy Britian’s Got Talent outfits.

She told The Mirror: “I’m thinking more rubber – I enjoyed wearing latex in the auditions, so I’m thinking more latex, more sweating in the lives.”

Her dress in the 2017 semi-finals sparked 663 Ofcom complaints and she received 235 complaints for an outfit during the 2020 series.

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