Andrea Bordeaux Exits Run The World Due To A Disagreement Over The Production’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Andrea Bordeaux Exits 'Run The World' Over Covid Vaccine Mandate
Actress Andrea Bordeaux Has Opened Up About Her Exit From The Starz Comedy Series Run The World( Photo Credit – Andrea Bordeaux / Instagram )

Actress Andrea Bordeaux has opened up about her exit from the Starz comedy series ‘Run The World’.

Deadline first reported that Lionsgate Television, which produces the show, required the cast and any crew who directly interacted with them to be fully vaccinated against the virus.

Andrea Bordeaux, who plays journalist Ella on the series about four successful young Black women living in Harlem, has exited the show due to a disagreement over the production’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, has confirmed.

Despite conversations to find a workable solution and address any concerns Andrea Bordeaux had, the two sides reportedly could not come to an agreement.

The actress made a post on her Instagram.

“I did not opt to leave the series and Lionsgate made no efforts to find a workable solution,” Andrea Bordeaux wrote.

“I was fired.”

Bourdeaux also wrote,” “Getting the opportunity to play Ella on #RunTheWorld was an absolute dream come true.

“I would have loved to continue to grow with this delightful character and having to come to terms with this sharp turn in my life, my dream, and career these past several weeks has been heartbreaking beyond words.”

Bordeaux’s role will not be recast. ‘Run the World’ also stars Amber Stevens West, Bresha Webb, and Corbin Reid.

Andrea Bordeaux’s other TV credits include ‘Dynasty’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’,’Bones’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

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