Arrests after eco-protesters block 10 major oil facilities across UK


xtinction Rebellion have blocked ten major oil facilities to protest against the energy crisis facing Britain.

The group is working alongside supporters of Just Stop Oil in Essex, Hertfordshire and Birmingham.

A number of major oil terminals were forced to suspend operations on Friday morning as demonstrators blocked access roads – preventing tankers from leaving the facilities. Just Stop Oil claimed to have prevented access to ten “critical” terminals across the country.

Exxon Mobil UK, one of the country’s largest privately-owned underground oil pipeline distribution networks, confirmed demonstrations were under way at its fuel terminals in Hythe, Birmingham and West London.

The firm said it had temporarily suspended operations at the locations mentioned, but its other terminals at Purfleet and Avonmouth were not affected.

Just Stop Oil said that more than 30 people had climbed on top of tankers at the Navigator Oil Terminal in Thurrock, Essex.

Essex Police said they have made six arrests “so far”.

West Midlands Police tweeted: “We are working to deal with this as quickly as possible.”


In a statement, Just Stop Oil said they were demanding an end to the government’s policy of “expanding oil and gas production”.

They added: “Ordinary people can no longer afford oil and gas, it’s time to Just Stop Oil.

“It’s funding war and killing people in the global South, while destroying the future for young people everywhere.”

A statement from Extinction Rebellion read: “The action is taking place at a crucial time: The UK public is waking up this morning to a 54% rise in the energy price cap, which charities say will leave millions of people unable to pay their bills.

“The government is making a choice to continue its addiction to fossil fuels as war wages in Ukraine, instead of accelerating the transition to a renewable led future.”

Last month, Just Stop Oil supporters disrupted Premier League football matches by running onto the pitch and tying themselves to goalposts.

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