Boxing fan loses ‘life savings’ on Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams grudge match

A boxing fan who allegedly gambled his entire life savings on Chris Eubank Jr knocking out Liam Williams has been seemingly left penniless after the fight went the distance.

During the grudge match, Eubank Jr knocked Williams down four times but wasn’t able to claim victory inside the distance – as his rival kept going until final bell.

Eubank Jr eventually received the nod by the three judges – keeping his dream alive of challenging for a world title later this year.

However, one fan was left with nothing after placing a bet on Eubank Jr just one day before the first bell.

Calum Sovran sent the fighter a message on Friday, claiming: “Chris, I’ve just unloaded my life savings onto you to win by stoppage, don’t let me down.”

Eubank Jr posted the message to his own account with the caption: “Now that’s some belief right there.”

Eubank Jr had been the favourite going into the fight and was priced at around 5/4 to win by stoppage.

And after he had dropped Williams three times in the opening four rounds, an early finish looked inevitable.

Chris Eubank Jr beat Liam Williams on points.
Chris Eubank Jr beat Liam Williams on points.

But Williams composed himself and fought his way back into the contest until he was dropped again in the penultimate round.

Eubank Jr later claimed he could have stopped Williams – but chose to showcase his boxing.

“I thought about it, I didn’t even want to knock him out in the first round, I wanted to punish him, I wanted to get people like that out of boxing,” he said.

“You saw it, head locks, head butts, I took it like a man and punished him like I said I would do.

“People always tell me I can’t box, apparently I have no jab, so I thought, ‘You know what, let me show these critics some different Chris Eubank Jr’, add some Roy Jones sauce to it.

“There was no danger, if I stepped on the gas at any point in that fight I’d have been gone, but I needed to teach him a lesson.”

“He thought he was something he wasn’t.”

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