Ethan Hawke Shares A Trick To Play A Villain & It’s Noteworthy

Ethan Hawke Says To Play Villain, One Must Erase The Word From Their Head
Ethan Hawke Shares A Trick To Play A Villain ( Photo Credit – Ethan Hawke / IMDb )

Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke, who made his MCU debut with the recently released Marvel Studios’ miniseries, ‘Moon Knight’, shared that to play the character of villain, it’s important for actors to not be judgemental about their character.

Expressing his excitement of playing the villain Arthur Harrow, Ethan said, “If you’re playing a villain you have to erase that word from your brain, and you have to see the universe from their point of view.”

The actor has based his character on several personalities like the cult leader David Koresh, psychiatrist Carl Jung, Cuban president Fidel Castro, Dalai Lama, writer Leo Tolstoy, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart and Nazi officer and doctor Josef Mengele.

Sharing what intrigues him about cult leaders, he said, “I find it really interesting when you think about cult leaders throughout history, those megalomaniacs very often start out extremely idealistic and then the idealism takes a hit or they compromise themselves in some way.”

“Most people who commit terrible crimes in this world don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m the bad guy.’ They have their reasons, and hell is paved with their reasons. So as an actor I had to come up with Harrow’s reasons and make them as rational and sane and compelling as possible”, he concluded.

‘Moon Knight’ is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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