Has sudden weight gain been bothering your mental health? Follow these suggestions for positive results


Indore, First Published Feb 6, 2022, 8:00 AM IST

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The pandemic has showered all kinds of challenges at us. One of the most annoying and nagging ones is seeing ourselves becoming bigger and wider in the mirror. Now the question is whether putting on some weight is really that bad? Not at all, say body positive people. If a person has gained some weight during the Covid-19 restrictions that are still in place in some cities, it is important for them not to be too self-critical.

The restrictions on everyday life have interrupted many people’s daily routines. The rise in unstructured time, the closure of gyms and recreational centres every time the Covid-19 cases go up, the panic and stress of the pandemic which has affected people’s sleeping patterns, eating habits and lack of physical exercise have all contributed to sudden weight gain.

Addressing these factors, Nivedita RS Panwar, a counselling psychologist from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, suggest ways to manage weight in a better and more positive manner.

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Readdress your body goals: Panwar says that people need to be more flexible and accept the changes that occur in their bodies. “Training our mind to understand our body positivity is a little difficult but not impossible. There has to be an inward change in perception along with the outward change in our body. While guilt is a common reaction to sudden weight gain, we should take this as a challenge and work on it. So, just stick to a healthy home diet and make your plate as colourful as possible,” said Panwar.

Don’t let your weight define you: Stressing that every person is different and comes with a different physique, Panwar says that one should not let a (weighing) scale define an individual. She says, “The scale can only give a numerical reflection of your relationship with the gravity. It cannot measure our personality, talent, beauty, the purpose of life, strength or love. Be active, healthy and happy. Focus on eating for good health, happiness and exercise for strength and energy.”

You are what you speak: The counselling psychologist further suggests some tips that one must follow which have a strong and positive impact on one’s mental health. She says that applying these little changes in life will help one feel motivated and appreciate their body.

–    Avoid gossip in public about body structure and weight.
–    Treat other people just the way you want to be treated too.
–    Don’t encourage conversations on your bodily changes with everyone and everywhere.
–    Accept yourself the way you are and enjoy the filter-free world and let others too.
–    Don’t make fun of others when they gain weight.
–    Appreciate others more if you sense that they are feeling low.

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