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First Published Aug 13, 2022, 11:25 AM IST

Although the Supreme Court extended the deadline to August 28 with a seven-day grace period till September 4, work is already begun to demolish Supertech’s two 40-story buildings in the Noida-based Emerald Court project. Explosives have arrived at the location, and the buildings Apex and Ceyane have already undergone a test detonation. The twin towers are near to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway since they are situated in Noida’s Sector 93-A.

One tower is 103 metres high, while another is around 97 metres high. The combined built-up area of the two buildings is around 7.5 lakh square feet. The buildings were constructed unlawfully without obtaining the individual flat owners’ agreement as required by the UP Apartment Act, in violation of the minimal separation requirement between them. As a result, the Supreme Court mandated the buildings’ destruction in August 2021. The twin towers were supposed to be demolished by May 22 but that date was postponed.

First, the structures will be “charged” as part of the demolition process. 3,700 kg of explosives must be packed into more than 9,000 holes bored into the concrete of the skyscraper. It was slated to begin on August 2. The towers will be demolished by Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering under the supervision of Supertech.

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The SC-appointed technical expert approved the explosives rigging of Supertech’s two towers on Thursday as well. The twin skyscrapers in Sector 93B were charged—that is, explosives were placed within the buildings—after receiving authorisation from the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI).

A combination of dynamite, emulsions, and plastic explosives will be delivered from Palwal (Haryana) for use in the demolition. Towers will be brought down using the waterfall implosion method, and the buildings will collapse inward.

The explosion of explosives will produce a sudden burst of outward pressure that will spread throughout the building like a shockwave, breaking the concrete and causing the building to fall. The structures have been wrapped in black and white geotextile fibre because they will produce a dust balloon. While the full demolition will take place in 9–10 seconds, clearing the debris might take few months.

The Noida twin towers’ demolition deadline was extended by the Supreme Court on Friday till August 28, with a seven-day grace period ending on September 4. Due to weather conditions and technological issues, the deadline was delayed.

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