I will reign with an iron fist, says Camilla

NEIGHBOURS is facing the axe? Good. For decades, woke broadcasters have rammed ivory tower ultra-liberal politics down our throats using sneering Aussie Marxists. 

Instead of a daytime soap reflecting traditional British values of foxhunting, deregulation and tight-knit communities of Irish Catholic immigrants, our masters attempt to dictate our values from on high. And they’re oh so predictable.

Daphne the stripper can retire and live a respectable life! Don’t worry about the collapse of the nuclear family, Jim Robinson will take in any and all runaways! It’s fine for a doctor to live in a van! People called Toadfish can be part of society!

Not one ordinary Briton truly believes this. They know that Daphne should have died working the streets, that Vietnam veteran Robinson would have not one ounce of compassion, that Toadfish would rightly be drowned in Lassiters’ lake.

But, hypnotised by the BBC’s relentless twice-a-day broadcasts, they were tricked into believing there could be a world of sunshine, of happiness, of amnesiac resurrections, of good neighbours being good friends rather than key tools of the surveillance state.

The British public rejected Neighbours long ago. They turned away from the lie. They rejected the anti-business propaganda that saw wealth creator Paul Robinson branded ‘evil’ just because of his evil deeds.

I for one hope that Erinsborough realises its error. That it spends its final months arguing that Australia should relinquish its status as an independent nation and return to British rule. That Scott and Charlene return and explicitly back Brexit.

Also the licence fee should be abolished immediately and the BBC defunded. Again, this is just something everyone in Britain wants.

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