Jimmy Kimmel Throws a Parade for All the Random Stuff His Show Claimed on Taxes (Video)

There’s a good chance you’re reading this while frantically filling out your taxes before hoping the IRS website doesn’t crash from demand volume before you can hit send. We get it, and God help you all. Jimmy Kimmel gets it too, and on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” he threw a parade during his monologue for the random, totally on-the-level things lying around the office that he claimed on the show’s taxes.

“The filing deadline to submit your 2021 [tax] returns is at midnight tonight, unless of course you’re Amazon. Jeff Bezos, he mails the government a $10 gift card and tells them to keep the change,” Kimmel said as he teed up the gag.

“But here at this show we pay our taxes, and with that said we’re hoping to get in a few last minute write-offs before midnight hits. So we raided our storage facility this afternoon, and here now, to make sure everything we wasted money on is considered a business expense, it’s time for our first annual Income Tax Day Costume Parade,” Kimmel continued.

And then, that’s exactly what happened. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” staffers dressed up as some of the weird things Kimmel used in his sketches during 2021 paraded out on stage to upbeat marching band music. You can watch the whole monologue above — the tax day parade bit begins about 9 minutes, 45 seconds in — or just read below for the list of things he says the show claimed:

Human syringe – est. value $1,400

Giant #2 pencil – est. value $295

Bagel costume – est. value $900

Skeleton – est. value $395

Goose costume – est. value $1,100

Pinata – est. value $29.95

ChewbaccaMole costume – est. value $330

Horned fish in a wheelbarrow – est. value $475

Circus peanut costume – est. value $425

Giant gyro on wheels – est. value $3,250

Mirrored ball suit – est. value $240

Eval Knievel cat – est. value $199

Oversized toothbrush – est. value $369

So there you have it. Like we said, watch the whole thing above. And meanwhile, we wish you the best of luck getting your taxes in under the wire.

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