Large swathes of history off-limits to new Doctor Who

TIME traveller Doctor Who has admitted he will not by swinging by America pre-1960s quite so often after he regenerates as a black man. 

The Gallifreyan, aged 952, has generally enjoyed travelling freely around Earth history and being warmly welcomed by a diverse selection of human societies, but conceded the next regeneration has limited his options.

He said: “For most of my life, I’ve take the form of straight white men. Because, to be honest, it does make life an awful lot easier.

“I could hop out of the TARDIS at any point and someone will be there to take my coat and fetch me a cup of tea. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart treated me as an equal and let me order his troops about.

“But this next regeneration, while long overdue, is going to be a bit restrictive. America’s off-limits. Plenty of Britain’s off-limits. Europe’s off-limits. I won’t even be able to get into a nightclub in Cardiff in 1992.

“Frankly it’s been tough enough being a woman. If I go back further than the 70s everyone asks why I’m out without my husband and laughs when I ask them to call me the Doctor.

“I’ll stick this out for a few years then be an old Scottish dude again. They’re welcome everywhere. Until then I’ll be adventuring in the distant past of the early noughties.”

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