Listen to ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery’s Awesome New Single, ‘Change’ (Audio)

After a three-year hiatus, multi-talented musician Djo — you might know him better as “Stranger Things” star Joe Keery — is back with a new single. Now, we don’t want to overstate things, but the track, called “Change,” is a banger and you hear for yourself by listening to it right now below.

The electro dance track, for lack of a better way to put it, sounds like Gigamesh produced by Chaz Jankel, which is to say, it sounds f—ing awesome, and really, why are you even reading this? Stop and listen instead, especially when you get to the drop near the end that sees a soft piano interlude turn into a driving climax you’ll want to loop for another ten minutes. Look, we love it, OK?

Here, listen:

“Change” is the first single off DJO’s upcoming album “Decide,” a synth-heavy reflection on Keery’s late 20’s and the growth, relationships and technology defining. Created with musician/engineer Adam Thein during the lockdown says of the the pandemic — final recording took places at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles — “Decide” comes out Sep. 16.

Ahead of that, he’ll be testing the sounds out with a string of tour dates this summer, making appearances at Lollapalooza, Sea Hear Now and Austin City Limits Festival. Read on for those dates and, if you’re so inclined, hit play on the track again like a good citizen. There you go.

July 30 – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL – SOLD OUT

July 31 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL

Sept 17 – Sea, Hear, Now Festival – Asbury Park, NJ

Oct 15  – Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

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