‘Queen has smoothed way for Camilla to take her rightful title’


hen I broke the exclusive that Charles and Camilla were to marry back in 2005 in the Evening Standard, we published that Camilla would be known as the Duchess of Cornwall and would not use the title she was entitled to, Princess of Wales.

At the time, just a few years after Diana’s death it was perhaps too raw and controversial.

We also published that Camilla would be Queen Consort, her rightful title as the wife the King.

In the intervening years Clarence House have tried to fudge the issue as Camilla’s popularity ebbed and flowed, claiming she would be called Princess Consort.

I think the Queen, wise as ever, is using the goodwill of her Platinum Jubilee to get her ducks in a row.

By saying it is her sincerest wish that the Duchess, who has proved a hardworking and steadfast and dutiful supporter of her husband and the Crown, become Queen Consort it has smoothed the way for it to happen.

My view, having met Camilla and seen her at home and abroad hard at work, is she has served Crown and Country dutifully, she has represented HM with dignity and supported Charles unstintingly.

I hear those who say it is wrong to give Camilla this title of Queen Consort, but I don’t agree with them.

In reality there would have to be a change in the law for this not to happen, not only in the UK but in the other Commonwealth realms too, such as Australia and Canada.

There is no appetite for changing the law, and given how well Camilla has committed herself to the cause it is right to be given the title that is hers by right.

I believe the duchess since her marriage to the Prince of Wales has shown herself to be a dedicated public servant and loving supporter and adviser to the heir to the throne.

In 2016 Her Majesty elevated Camilla to her most senior advisory body, the Privy Council. She has also been made a Lady Member of the Order of the Garter.

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