Shane Warne memorial service: children tell MCG crowd cricket great was their ‘shining star’ – live updates | Sport

The news of Shane Warne’s passing has shocked and confounded us all.

I’m deeply saddened and still coming to terms with it. My family were blessed to have Shane in our lives. He brought us so much warmth, happiness and joy.

Before I got to know Shane he was a dear friend of my father, Kerry, or KP as Shane called him. He adored him and loved him as a person and Shane adored Dad.

They both loved cricket, they loved to smoke and a bet as well. For Dad, one of his most touching moments was when Shane presented him with his own baggy green cap, there’s no greater honour in Australian cricket. Friendship doesn’t get better than that.

While Shane will be remembered for his exploits, I’ll remember him as a hero, a friend, a man who was brilliant, vulnerable, lovely and fiercely loyal, I could sneak a smoke with him, listen to music and share stories, our successes and failures.

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