Sporting stars flock to MCG for cricket legend’s state funeral, Glenn McGrath tribute

Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne formed one of the most iconic and lethal bowling combinations in cricket history.

McGrath’s relentless 140km/h line-and-length deliveries from one end, and Warne bamboozling the poor batters with dip, fizz and spin off the deck from the other. They dominated opposition line-ups for a decade.

But McGrath’s fondest memories of Warne are not from the cricket field.

“The thing I probably loved most about Shane was the effect he had on people,” McGrath told the memorial.

“Good, bad, or indifferent, they all had an opinion on him. I’d be talking to a group of people and they would all have different opinions, different perception of him.

“Shane would walk across and have a chat, get to know them, and within 30 seconds every single one of them loved him. There was a certain charisma he had, a certain aura he had that sort of made people attracted to him, he was so positive.

“It never ceased to amaze me the positive effect he had on so many people.”

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