We read your meter then randomly pick a figure you can’t afford: How your energy bill is calculated

NOT sure why your gas and electric bills will shoot up – again? Here energy company boss Roy Hobbs explains how it is all calculated.

We read the meter then think of a figure that’ll empty your account

In the spirit of fairness we send a peon round to read your meter, note the numbers down in a little book, then use these findings to take the piss. So what if you’ve survived winter by keeping the gas off and wearing four jumpers to stay warm? That’ll be £800 pounds please. Don’t keep us waiting.

We pluck numbers out of a big hat

Everyone in the office writes down whopping great figures on a slip of paper, which are then folded in half and chucked into a big hat. Every few months we all gather round and take turns to fish them out and assign them to one of our customers. Bad luck Sylvia from Gloucester, looks like you owe us £5,727.59.

We blindly hammer the number keys for 10 seconds

Monitoring your energy use and keeping track of which band you’re in is far too much hassle. That’s why we save ourselves the trouble by blindly pressing number keys for 10 seconds then chucking a pound sign in front. That’s how you sometimes get a bill of £4,381,568.20 for October to February.

We take a sobering look at our budget deficit

Thanks to our ridiculous salaries and lack of state control, the word ‘profit’ on our balance sheet has got a disturbing minus sign in front of it. To calculate your bill we take this negative number and divide it by the population of Britain. Problem solved! Well, for us. For you the bailiffs are coming round because you dared put the central heating on and use the kettle.

We just do whatever the f**k we want

Does it matter how we calculate your bill? We’re a massive energy conglomerate and you’re a cleaner from Plymouth. What are you going to do, write a stern letter of complaint or phone our customer helpline? Don’t make me laugh. We can get away with anything because we are your god. Fancy a bath in cold water? I thought not.

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