Wealthier people far more likely to pay for Covid test than less well off, poll finds


ealthier people feeling unwell with Covid symptoms are far more likely to pay for a test than the less well off when they stop being free on Friday in England, a new poll reveals.

The Ipsos survey showed 43 per cent of people earning more than £55,000 would do this to check whether they have got the virus.

However, the figure is significantly lower, 28 per cent, for individuals on up to £19,999 a year.

For those with incomes of between £20,000 to £34,999 and £35,000 to £54,999 the figure was 34 per cent.

The findings of a wealth divide on testing intentions are likely to reignite the debate over the Government’s decision to end free testing.

However, ministers stress that the billions being spent on testing could be better used in other NHS care.

The poll found that overall 61 per cent of adults in Britain say they would not pay for tests if they had symptoms but felt well, and 57 per cent said they would not pay for tests if they had symptoms and felt unwell.

Younger Britons were most likely to say they would pay for a test, but still not self-isolate (16 per cent of 16-24 year olds if they felt well and 17 per cent if they felt unwell, around twice the national average of seven per cent).

* Ipsos interviewed a representative sample of 2,060 British adults aged 16-75 online between March 25 and 26. Data are weighted.

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