Will Smith may lose his Oscar for best actor over Chris Rock slap

First Published Mar 31, 2022, 10:23 AM IST

Will Smith may lose his Best Actor Oscar as the Academy initiates ‘Disciplinary Proceedings’ after Chris Rock’s slap.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said on Wednesday, March 30 that it had “started disciplinary processes” against actor Will Smith over his antics at Sunday’s Oscars event

“Board of Governors today initiated disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Smith for violations of the Academy’s Standards of Conduct, including inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior, and compromising the integrity of the Academy,” said in a statement.

According to the statement, the actor was asked to leave the event following the altercation and but he “refused.” “The Academy acknowledges that “we could have handled the matter better.”

Smith has faced backlash in recent days after storming the stage and slapping host Chris Rock when Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. “Mr. Smith’s actions at the 94th Oscars were a deeply shocking, traumatic event to witness in-person and on television. Mr. Rock, we apologise to you for what you experienced on our stage and thank you for your resilience in that moment,” the statement added.

Another board panel is set to take place on April 18. At this time, “the Academy may take any disciplinary action, which may include suspension, expulsion, or other sanctions permitted by the Bylaws and Standards of Conduct,” the statement said.

“Consistent with the Academy’s Standards of Conduct, as well as California law, Mr. Smith is being provided at least 15 days’ notice of a vote regarding his violations and sanctions, and the opportunity to be heard beforehand by means of a written response,” the statement said.

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