Wordle players left dumbfounded after pals get different answers on today’s puzzle

Wordle players have been left dumbfounded after many of their friends and family appeared to get different words on today’s puzzle.

When many fans of the game attempted today’s word this morning, the answer was ‘stove’.

But it seems that many others who had a stab at winning today got ‘harry’ as their answer.

This led many players to ask the game’s operator – the New York Times – what on earth was happening with today’s puzzle.

One wrote: “Different Wordle words for different members of my family today. The group chat is in disarray. Absolute bedlam.”

Another added: “Me and my husband got different words today on Wordle. Did this happen to anyone else?”

“Why are my wife and I getting different words for the same Wordle puzzle?”, a third asked.

Online word game Wordle has taken the world by storm since it emerged late into last year.

If you’ve been living under a rock, players are tasked with guessing a mysterious five-letter word in six attempts.

The game then provides feedback on how close you are to a match with each attempt.

Many have complained that the game has gotten harder since the New York Times acquired the rights to the game earlier this year.

When announcing the ‘low seven-figure’ deal for the game, the US newspaper described the game as “stimulating” and “wildly popular”.

But they have insisted that ‘no changes’ will be made to the gameplay, and it will remain free to play for new and existing players.

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